Lee is passionate about Birmingham and proud to represent in his home, Ladywood.

My priorities are informed by the fantastic team of Birmingham Ladywood LibDems, as well as hearing from residents, charities, business, schools, colleges and universities in the City.

As West Midlands Health spokesperson for the Party, Lee applauds work done by the fantastic City Hospital, but it must be given the funding it needs to operate, so that patients and staff can be treated properly. Mental Health, an area Lee is known to champion, must receive full equality with physical health – a journey started by the LibDems in government, and one we must continue. Social Care is in crisis and carers urgently need fair wages and better support. All of this means that we have a big mountain to climb, but I’m proud the LibDems have Health as a top priority.

Lee is Vice-Chair of the LibDem Education Association, and a qualified Teacher, so he is aware of the pressures faced by teachers and staff, as well as students. Choice, and support for these choices, in schools and Further Education must be a priority for our children and teenagers. We have amazing Universities, such as the fantastic BCU, Aston and UCB, but we have a lottery as to the kind of pastoral care and mental health support available to students and staff – this must improve.

Young people must be at the heart of our campaign for this election, with good education, support for wellbeing and support for young people to be able to make the choices best for them – not those that are forced upon them.

Lee is very proud to stand in Birmingham again, and along with the above priorities, it’s vital that our environmental protections are strengthened, and that civil liberties for LGBT+, BME and others are protected.

For media or press enquiries, please contact me on Lee@leedargue.uk