Mental Health MUST be a priority for Birmingham

Responding to figures obtained by the Birmingham Live regarding Mental Health treatment success rates, LibDem Health spokesperson for the West Midlands, and Ladywood Parliamentary Spokesperson for the Party, Lee Dargue, commented:

“Mental Health conditions can range from acute issues, up to moderate or severe chronic illnesses and can vary massively in terms of their effects. Their causes are also many and varied, and treatment options are complex and should be personal to each individual.

“These figures partly show what is well known already – that a mix of factors can make recovery more difficult, and being poor or in poverty is often a further damaging effect.

“The biggest issue we face (as being treated “for good” is not always as simple with mental health, compared to physical health) is a compounding set of factors. Breaking the stigma first, to accept you need help, can be a very difficult first step for many.

“Once that stigma is beaten, some people, face discrimination when trying to access services – we know some discrimination is often directed towards our black communities. Then the services themselves are stretched way beyond full capability, due to a lack of funding and some of our hard-working NHS staff themselves facing mental health issues.

“I was proud to support Norman Lamb MP in the coalition government, who spear-headed a revolution in politics around mental health and chair the commission to set up ThriveWM – which is led by the fantastic Sean Russell as part of the Combined Authority. I fully support Sean and this program and hope that Local Authorities all across the West Midlands, as many already have done, get fully involved with people, money and other resources.

“Brexit or not – Mental Health has to be a priority for now, and the future, in national and local government, and across the NHS.”


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