Lib Dems demand better than Johnson or Corbyn

Responding to today’s ruling in the Supreme Court, as well as the events at the Labour conference, the Lib Dems Parliamentary Spokesperson for Birmingham Ladywood, Lee Dargue, said:
“Many of the actions taken by the Prime Minister have been disgraceful – now we find that he has broken the law. Having lied to the Queen, Boris Johnson cannot be held up as a leader to represent simple truth, never mind represent the United Kingdom.
“Johnson could, in a rare move, do the decent thing and stand down as his career lies in tatters – by his own making. Theresa May accepted when her time was up, it’s doubtful that we’ll see this Prime Minister have even a fraction of such self-awareness.“With a general election looming, we cannot look to Jeremy Corbyn as the alternative. He has continued to split his own party this week with a further reckless fudge on Brexit. Even his own members are calling for clarity, which he us unable to provide. This on top of wild spending commitments that Labour admit they don’t know how to properly fund.”

“Asking to choose between a law-breaking, untrustworthy Johnson or a divisive, indecisive Corbyn is unacceptable. The Liberal Democrats join with the people of Birmingham Ladywood in demanding better.”

“The Lib Dems, led by Jo Swinson, would end the chaos by stopping Brexit with a mandate from an election victory. Then, we can all focus on reshaping our country by making the economy work for people and planet.”