Jeremy Corbyn needs to stop supporting the Tories on Brexit

Responding to extracts of Jeremy Corbyn’s speech which purports to lay out Labour’s as yet undefined ‘jobs first approach to Brexit’ Liberal Democrat Parliamentary spokesperson for Ladywood, Lee Dargue:

“The Conservatives have continually made a mess of Brexit negotiations, and Jeremy Corbyn has trooped through the lobby to vote with the government at every turn. He now needs to stop being so weak and change course.

“LibDems have been clear that the people should have the final say on any deal, including an option of an Exit from Brexit. Many Labour MPs and Labour members, with Corbyn says he stands for, also support this.

“Labour’s Brexit stance seems to have been taken straight out of an old UKIP manifesto. It will pull us out of the single market and customs union. The damage to our economy of leaving both poses a real risk to the NHS and public services. Corbyn needs to listen to those in his party who are calling for him to change direction.

“To put it simply – Jeremy Corbyn seems to want to ‘have his cake and eat it too’ with regards to his haphazard and unclear approach to Brexit. Britain staying in the single market and customs union is crucial to protecting public services in our community and the jobs that he claims to support.

“Theresa May is up the Brexit creek without a paddle – Jeremy Corbyn needs to sail in the opposite direction.