The NHS is not safe in the lone hands of Conservatives or Labour.

With Boris Johnson using the NHS for his own political aims, and then Jeremy Hunt briefing out that the NHS is safe under his watch, after Brexit. Commenting on this charade, Lee Dargue, Health Spokesperson for the Liberal Democrats in the West Midlands, and their Birmingham Ladwyood Parliamentary Spokesperson, said:

“Our NHS is suffering declining levels of service, largely down to crippling under-funding. This under the supposed-stewardship of Jeremy Hunt and Theresa May. Brexit, in whatever form it may take, is set to make things worse.

“The front-bench of Labour are no better, as they consistently support a Tory Hard Brexit, ignoring the damage it will to do the public finances and, in turn, damage the NHS. Some Labour MPs, including Shabana Mahmood in Ladywood, have abstained in crucial votes over the Single Market and Customs Union, letting down their constituents.

“The Liberal William Beveridge designed the NHS over 70 years ago, and it is Liberal Democrats who are working to save the NHS today. We call for a cross-party commission on the NHS – supported by around 90 MPs, led by former LibDem Health Minister, Norman Lamb MP.

“If you want a strong NHS, you cannot support a Hard Brexit. This is why we also put our trust in the people to decide if they want an Exit from Brexit.”