Brexit won’t deliver us wonders – it’s time we had some honesty

Spokesperson for the Liberal Democrats on Health in the West Midlands, Lee Dargue, has added his voice of concern on how leading health charities, universities and scientists have come together to warn the government that the UK must be able to continue recruiting highly trained technical staff from the EU post-Brexit.

Lee said:

“Norman Lamb (who chairs the Commons’ Science and Technology Committee) is right to say the government must listen to this warning.

“Unfortunately, I have little faith that this government will listen to anyone that dares to criticise this damaging project of crippling the UK”.

Speaking also as  also the Birmingham Ladwyood LibDem Parliamentary Spokesperson, Lee added:

“Day after day, we see poorer services and lower wages more likely due to the closed-minded wishes of the Brexit Elite, who care not for ordinary people they would leave behind.

“I’m tired of hearing MPs say “I was a Remainer” – I still AM, because I believed in it then, and have seen nothing to convince me that Brexit will do us any good.”

“If people are going to trust those of us involved in politics, we either stand up for what we believe, or we should expect to be voted out.

“I don’t believe making people poorer is something we should be cheering about. So it’s time someone stood up and spoke out for these people, no matter how they voted in the Referendum, by calling for an exit from Brexit.”