Gavin Williamson is out of his depth

Spokesperson for the Liberal Democrats on Health in the West Midlands, Lee Dargue, based in Birmingham, has reacted angrily to the appointment of the new Defence Secretary.

Lee said: “Gavin seems to have spent his political career chasing office, well done – he’s achieved it. But what has he achieved for the West Midlands? He’s been so busy showing off his pet spider, his priorities seemed to have focused on his career, not his constituents”.

Lee referred to the well-known lack of experience in military affairs Mr Williamson has:

“I would like to speak with Gavin, to hear what he understands of the severe problems on health and mental health that service armed forces personnel have to deal with.

“Does Gavin know the pain that many services personnel face when they leave the forces, with little or no support?

“Does he understand the turmoil Forces families face, by brave Forces personnel having to sacrifice their time and health to proudly serve their country?

“Has Gavin actually researched his role, or does he just seek a faster car, and a higher salary, by using the weak position of Theresa May to secure his own career advance?”

Lee Dargue, LibDem Health spokesperson, West Midlands; Birmingham Ladywood.

Lee concluded by adding “I sincerely hope, for the many members of our Armed Forces who put their lives and personal health on the line for this country, that he takes this role seriously.

“I’d welcome to speak with him to explain the challenges our Forces personnel face, but, so far, he hasn’t been prepared to accept that he answers to the electorate, rather than his own ego.

“I dare him to prove me wrong – and I hope he wins”.