The Home Office needs to put compassion and science above the fear of Cannabis

Responding to news that the Home Office is considering if Cannabis Oil can be used to help stop life-threatening seizures in a 12-year-old boy, Liberal Democrat Health Spokesperson for the West Midlands, Lee Dargue, commented:

“The time for a fear-driven approach to how we consider drugs, in the UK, must come to an end. Evidence is growing abroad and at home, that our punitive, blanket approach to drugs under the current laws is actively harming people.

“By flying to another country to get the medicine he needed, Billy Caldwell’s mother did what any caring mother would do for their child, if they were able to do so. The Home Secretary, the MP for Bromsgrove, Sajid Javid, needs to have empathy, but also sense.

“Mr Javid needs to listen to the scores of professional medical bodies and experts, and cross-party support, for Billy to receive his medicine, which can be granted by the Home Office as an exception under current law.

“Liberal Democrats support the scientific community, and many former Police officers, in changing our approach to drugs, to reduce harm. No-one is asking the government to change all drugs laws today, just calling for a boy to receive his life-saving medicine.

“It’s time fear was put aside in our approach to drugs and related substances; replaced with compassion and evidence, to reduce harm. This would also open up research into using currently-illegal drugs to actively help safely treat people with a range of conditions.”