Happy World Teachers Day!

Teachers, lecturers, tutors, instructors, trainers….there are many names for people who teach, but they all share a common purpose. To teach is to help engage people in learning new skills, sharing ideas and thinking critically about themselves and the world around them. THANK YOU to all our teachers!

Teachers often work very long hours – including taking work home at night and (despite what you hear) during the summer holidays! More funding is vitally needed, but also a big reform to how schools are inspected and how young people are assessed.

As liberals, Liberal Democrats believe that we can’t just keep tinkering around the edges with education, too much has stayed the same for centuries. Our teachers, assistants and other staff and volunteers need to be given the best support possible – so that they can then support our young people develop and grow.


Further details on Lib Dems education policy can be found here: