Lib Dems would stop Brexit, Labour and the Tories want more chaos

Responding to the imminent General Election, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary spokesperson for Birmingham Ladywood, Lee Dargue, said:

“It’s time for people to finally have their say on where Ladywood and the rest of our country go next. For 3 years, Liberal Democrats have been demanding better for our country by asking the people to decide our future.

“Voting Labour under Jeremy Corbyn will bring you the same chaos as a voting for a Boris Johnson-led Conservative party – chaos and damage to our economy, public services and a real threat to our future.

“Any form of Brexit will harm our economy – that’s the one thing that Remainers and Leavers agree on. A Liberal Democrat government, under Prime Minster Jo Swinson will allow us to Stop Brexit and move our city and our country forward.

“If you believe in tackling the climate emergency, if you believe in ensuring that mental health services get their funding they deserve and if you believe that public services should be a priority, then you should vote for Lee Dargue of the Liberal Democrats.

“Corbyn’s Labour or Johnson’s Conservatives would both ensure that the Brexit chaos is dragged on for years, by squabbling over their own versions of a disastrous Brexit.

“Only through voting Liberal Democrat can you stop Brexit and ensure a brighter future for Birmingham Ladywood.”