Birmingham Council should end the use of disposable coffee cups

Responding to news that the Scottish Government has banned single-use coffee cups in their buildings, the Liberal Democrats have called for the UK government to follow suit.

Birmingham City Council should join in, said Birmingham Ladywood Parliamentary Spokesperson Lee Dargue, who further commented:

“With the City Centre producing a lot of waste on coffee cups, we see many businesses already introducing their own discounts for re-usable cup use, or even ending supply of disposable cups altogether.

“Liberal Democrats led the way in government on driving down plastic bag use, by enacting a 5p charge. This has led to over 9 billion fewer bags being used. The coffee-cup charge, or “Latte levy” was proposed by the Lib Dems to follow this radical step to help protect our environment.

“A great first step for Birmingham would be if the Council agreed to be brave and set an example in the West Midlands, by getting rid of these environmentally damaging single-use cups in all Council buildings.”