Conservatives fail again on the Environment – we need a latte levy

Speaking from the Liberal Democrats Conference in Southport, Ladywood Parliamentary Spokesperson, Lee Dargue, criticised the Government’s decision to ignore the growing calls for a levy on throwaway cups:

“As with so many other areas in government, the Conservatives refused to accept, and act upon, evidence. The public is increasingly supportive of the Liberal Democrat call for a 25p charge on throwaway cups for coffee – the aim being to increase the use of reusable cups.

“In government, the LibDems broke through resistance from Conservatives to introduce a 5p charge on throwaway shopping bags. Literally billions of shopping bags are now re-used and not immediately thrown away.

“LibDems led the way in government on environmental protection – we will not back down now, despite the best efforts of the Tories to ignore the damaging impact of plastic on our environment.”


Notes to Editors

The Liberal Democrats launched a campaign calling for the introduction of a charge on disposable coffee cups in September 2016 (link)

The Liberal Democrats were the only party to call for the introduction of a coffee cup charge in their 2017 manifesto (link, p.53)

Recent Liberal Democrat research revealed that the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has purchased 2.5 million cups in the past five years, equivalent to 1,400 a day (link).