It’s time we made Earth Day – EVERY day!

Today, 22 April, is Earth Day. 

With climate change now at crisis levels, it’s vital that we all take action to make the strain on our natural environment as little as possible.

Liberal Democrat minister almost-quadrupled renewable Britain’s renewable energy production during coalition – in spite of opposition from Conservative ministers. Our policies also led to renewable energy now being cheaper than gas and nuclear-derived power.

Our security and hopes for peace can be enhanced through increasing renewable energy production – by taking away power from countries who wield authority through fossil-fuel extraction.

Working with the EU, we led the way in ensuring the Paris Climate Treaty was passed. But this was only another stepping-stone, not the last word on tackling climate change.

Responding to community reports of fly-tipping is a great way to take action, especially where your local council is letting people down!

Our priorities are to create an international Green Deal and decarbonise capitalism along with introducing new laws in Britain. However there are things we as individuals and communities can do, such as:

  • Community litter picks, street and river/canal cleaning
  • Increased use of public transport, cycling and walking
  • Effective use of clean air zones – that don’t unfairly penalise the most vulnerable
  • Choosing a renewable energy provider for your home (often cheaper too!)
  • Use only the water and electricity that you really need
  • Reduce the use of single-use plastics, such as using a reusable cup for your coffee
  • Take your own bags for shopping use
  • Re-use or recycle as much waste as possible

Together, we can make a real difference. At home, at work, in our communities and internationally, working with our friends in the EU and around the world

The climate change crisis can be tackled – but only if we take serious action, NOW.