Conservative NHS funding plans are using plasters to cover a gaping wound

Responding to news that the that the Conservatives are seeking just £20bn for the NHS by 2020 Liberal Democrat Health Spokesperson for the West Midlands, Lee Dargue, commented:

“The Conservatives again refuse to have cross-Party talks on funding for the Health and Care sector. Their conclusion is to use a plaster to dress a gaping wound.

“Announcing funding for the NHS which falls well short of what is required, is like giving socks for Father’s Day – welcome, but severely lacking.

“Liberal Democrats have a plan for an extra £6bn a year to fund the NHS front-line services, including the vital elements Theresa May has ignored. Liberal Democrat priorities around Mental Health equality won’t be achieved under this plan, and Social Care seems to have been forgotten about altogether.

“There is no magic Brexit money tree that Theresa May can pluck cash from – it’s time that she was honest about where this money is coming from. The Lib Dems are open about using a tax raise, supported by the public, to properly fund Health and Care.”