Liberal Democrats are leading on the NHS

Speaking ahead of today’s Spring Budget Statement, Health Spokesperson for the Liberal Democrats in the West Midlands, Lee Dargue, commented on the news that Ministers are considering other NHS funding proposals:

“Even out of Government, the Liberal Democrats continue to influence policy direction. The government repeats it’s mantra of giving more to the NHS – but LibDems have consistently argued that this “more” isn’t enough.

“With a penny in the pound of additional income tax, the LibDems would raise £6bn a year additional for the NHS. We then would seek to introduce a dedicated Health and Care tax to sustain the NHS and Care services for the long term.

“The proposals we hear about are additional tax raises, and an NHS and Care tax. There is public support for these policies, and I am pleased to see the government is finally opening it’s ears to the proposals of the Liberal Democrats.

“A Liberal designed the NHS, and it’s clear Liberal Democrats are needed to safeguard it’s future.”


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