Liberal Democrats’ NHS funding policies supported by other parties

Responding to the cross-party backing for the Liberal Democrat Dem NHS funding policy, Health Spokesperson in the West Midlands, Lee Dargue said:

“We are hearing regular commentary that the Prime Minister is slowly accepting the NHS funding crisis is real. If so, this is a step forward.

“We cannot, however, sit around and wait for Brexit, which itself would worsen the crisis, starving the NHS of the money it desperately needs. We cannot allow another winter of cancelled operations, patients stranded on trolleys and ambulances queuing for hours outside A&E departments. The strain on NHS and Care staff is also way above worrying levels.

“In the short-term, the Liberal Democrats have argued that we must raise vital extra revenue for the NHS and social care by putting up income tax by a penny in the pound. This has been gaining popular support, so it should be implemented.

“We must look also look at a dedicated NHS and Care Tax, for the future of the NHS and Care. We cannot allow the crisis to continue. I’m proud that LibDems continue to lead the debate on Health and Care and I’m even happier if it leads to long-term, cross-party solutions for our NHS and Care systems.”



The Liberal Democrats are the only party proposing a ring-fenced tax to provide a secure funding future. The Liberal Democrats support an immediate cash injection by putting an extra penny on each pound of income tax. Both polices formed part of the Liberal Democrat manifesto in 2017.

The Liberal Democrats convened an independent expert panel: https://d3n8a8pro7vhmx.cloudfront.net/libdems/pages/42341/attachments/original/1517573190/Health_and_Social_Care_report.pdf?1517573190