New Health Secretary must change course

Commenting on the appointment of Matt Hancock as the new Health Secretary, Lee Dargue, Health Spokesperson for the Lib Dems in the West Midlands, said:

“Many in the Health and Care sectors will be breathing a sigh of relief, after Jeremy Hunt left the job he said he never wanted to leave. Hunt leaves services with less funding and higher levels of stress and fatigue amongst the workforce.

“Matt Hancock must focus quickly on his priorities, which can only be achieved if he makes a meaningful connection with Heath and Care workers – something that his predecessor failed to do well.

“To give him a helping hand, he can focus on three areas to drastically improve health outcomes.

“First, to make a genuine commitment to ensuring mental health gets the funding and resources it needs, to achieve true equal access as with physical health treatments.

“Second, to drag his fellow Tories into the modern age on drug reform – that the use of any drug should be seen as a health matter not a criminal one.

“Third, to ensure the Social Care is given proper funding, a fair payment system and that Care workers are paid fairly and Carers are given proper support.

“The new Health Secretary has an opportunity to make some real improvements. I challenge him to do this, and hope he can succeed.”