UK Home Office prefers a child to suffer than face drugs reform

Following news that Alfie Dingley, of Coventry, has been refused treatment (see HERE), Liberal Democrat Birmingham Ladywood Parliamentary Spokesperson, Lee Dargue said: 

“Our Home Office, the very department, led by Amber Rudd MP, which exists to protect the citizens of the UK, has chosen fear over support for Alfie.

“The week after a bold, ambitious and, most importantly, evidence-based reform to tackling the harms caused by drugs in the West Midlands, by the PCC and Police force, our UK Government chooses to follow the fear-based approach to drugs rather than helping a six year-old child with a rare medical condition.

“Liberal Democrats are clear, that cannabis use should be regulated for supply, which would included Medical Cannabis use. Alfie and others would then benefit from being given support and better health outcomes.

“It’s time we had a grown up debate around drugs, and stop pandering those who stoke fear and misinformation around drugs. If anyone says that prohibition is the approach we need to stop harm from drugs, including medicinal use, we should ‘just say no’.”