New Home Secretary should start by implementing Liberal Democrats policy

Commenting on the appointment of Sajid Javid as the new Home Secretary, and his seeming attempt to change immigration policy, Lee Dargue, Parliamentary Spokesperson for Birmingham Ladywood, cautiously welcomed some of the language Javid has used:

“Sajid Javid has signalled he wants to change the ‘hostile environment’ approach of the Home Office and government. I welcome this, however his current boss, the Prime Minister Theresa May, was brazen with hostility in her own time as Home Secretary.

“Theresa May allowed the implementation of the ‘go home vans’ which were stopped by Liberal Democrats in government, due to their illiberal, aggressive and unworkable approach. We also know that LGBT+ asylum seekers can still be treated in an appalling manner.

“May and the rest of the Conservative cabinet also repeatedly refused to implement the LibDem policy of removing foreign student numbers from immigration targets. We called for this for 5 years in government; if Sajid wants to make his mark and make it with sense and fairness – he needs to implement this change now.”