Birmingham Ladywood deserves better – Lee Dargue selected to represent Lib Dems

Commenting on his recent re-selection to represent the Liberal Democrats, in Birmingham Ladywood, Lee Dargue said:

“I live and work in Ladywood and I’m honoured to be able to continue representing this fantastically diverse and lively area of Birmingham. We have much to celebrate in terms of our people, but must also stand up to the challenges we face. LGBT+ people, those of religious and secular backgrounds and people of all ages deserve better and I’m demanding better – from our national government and our local council.

“Whilst I’m the face of our campaign, I’m nothing without the fantastic team that works with me. Our Local Party is going from strength to strength. Whilst we have increased diversity in our Local Party, such as with LGBT+ people, EU citizens and women, we have much more work to do and we’re committed to work harder.

“We face uncertain times, but one thing is clear – ensuring individuals, families and communities get the support and help they need to get on in life is needed now, more than ever. That’s exactly what liberalism is about and it’s why I’m proud to represent the Liberal Democrats in Birmingham.

“My main priorities are about giving local people a real say in their future. To do this, we need first class health and social care services, embedded in the community. We need better funding for our schools and colleges and better support for young people across the city.

“We also need to be frank about knife and gun crime in the city – and how the link to the selling of drugs means we need a radical reform of our approach to drugs. Rough sleeping needs to be eliminated, by supporting homeless people into long-term secure accommodation and helping them secure a job. Businesses and charities need much more support too.

“Above all, we need politicians to be transparent and open about their views and their reasons for them. It’s why I’m happy to be questioned and challenged on my campaigns. I also would love to hear what you love about our area too – we too often dwell on the bad things, when Ladywood has so much to offer!”