Let’s Build Ladywood’s Future

In the closing hours of the general election, a few things have become abundantly clear over the last 5 weeks in Birmingham Ladywood.

On the council, and in Westminster, people have told me repeatedly that they feel their votes are being taken for granted.

For too long, Ladywood hasn’t had a real opposition no-one else was ready to speak up for you.

But, no more.

No more having your votes taken for granted.

No more failing to listen.

No more pretend “consultations”.

No more leaving Ladywood behind and blaming everyone else.

It’s time you had someone who takes time to listen and act. Because words are important, but actions are needed to back the words up.

After this election, I will continue to meet with, listen to, and, most importantly, act for the people of Ladywood.

It’s time you had someone on your side.

Thank you for all you do for Ladywood and thank you for your support.

Let’s build Ladywood’s future. Togeother.