Birmingham needs funding to tackle crime, it needs it now.

Responding to the shootings in St Vincent Street West, in the Ladywood area of Birmingham, Lee Dargue, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesperson for Birmingham Ladywood, said:

“Another tragic event affecting the lives of the victims and residents of Ladywood. Too-often the perpetrators are vulnerable people as well.

“The Police do amazing work given their dwindling resources – but they are over-worked and their calls for more funding and support go unanswered. Young people continue to often be the victims, in many ways, of violent crime, yet schools are callously under-funded and services and support for young people are decimated.

“We cannot wait any longer for urgently-needed funding. The government must ditch it’s claim that cutting Police doesn’t affect crime, and Birmingham Council must look beyond thinking PSPOs growing is the magic solution, as this squeezes the problems elsewhere.

“The people of Birmingham need protecting and our public services need funding. NOW.”