Happy #ComingOutDay🌈🦄

I came out in 1999. A very different time, for so many reasons, including that it was so long ago – I had HAIR!

For a while, everything was “fab”, and I certainly found my cause in life – to make other people laugh!

Coming out can be difficult, for many reasons, across all our LGBT+ communities. It’s vital to come out at a time of YOUR choosing, for YOUR reasons, amongst people/places that you feel safe doing so.

We can all share our experiences, but the key is to remember that we should support each other and not judge. Some people find it a good use of their time to moan about all the alleged “made-up” identities. The point is – there were always there, we are just in a time where we are slowly realising that the binary choices in life were social constraints, not a reflection on who we may really be.

If you come out today, or any other day – it’s on YOUR terms. Good luck, and remember to get support!