The country is in urgent need of long-term care plan

Responding to the publication of a House of Commons Committee report which highlights an underfunded adult social care sector, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Birmingham Ladywood and Party Health spokesperson, Lee Dargue, said:

“We continually hear about how care workers work many hours, but do not get the pay or support they need, leading to a high turnover of staff.

“In addition to this, young carers often forego education and social lives to care for family members, with little recognition and even less rest. Under Lib Dem proposals, carers would receive additional help for a much needed break.

“The country is in desperate need for a long-term plan to fund the increasing demand for care. That is why the Liberal Democrats propose putting a penny on income tax to raise the cash needed to support care workers and protect the future of care services.

“The public supports this policy from the Liberal Democrats. It’s time the government listened and acted.”


Notes to editors:

The Report embargo lifts at 0001 on 9 May 2018. It can also be accessed in HTML and PDF formats via the following links, which will go live at time of publication: